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The market segment dealing with the art, science, and industry of feed and grain handling and processing.  From its beginning in 1945, Hayes & Stolz Ind. Mfg. Co. has been deeply ingrained in the agribusiness industry, providing innovative solutions for customers charged with the responsibility of feeding the world.

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Modern agribusiness depends heavily on advanced technology and engineering, and on the biological and physical sciences. New technologies have enormously increased agribusiness efficiency, quality and productivity. 

Hayes & Stolz manufactures modern, state of the art, technologically advanced equipment, designed to your specific job requirements, to maximize your efficiency, productivity, and profits.

Whether moving, mixing, blending, or coating, Hayes & Stolz has the proven expertise to design and manufacture precisely to your production and process requirements. Let a qualified Hayes & Stolz Sales Engineer provide you with the most cost effective solution to your Agribusiness needs.